after taking Vicodin to deal with slicing my finger nearly off in an immersion blender accident on Father's Day
  1. The pineapple I bled on was still alive i.e not in the trash
  2. But instead of a pineapple quarter it was a man's ribcage. With a green scaley crust like a sweet juicy dragon
  3. The polka dots on my water glass were on my body like the measles. Beautiful measles
  4. The bees came off the tv and hovered near it like a halo
    Thomas J couldn't see without his glasses and Selena Meyers was ... I don't know but I was thinking about Anna Clumsky's brief stint as a food critic
  5. Pudding bed
  6. the cupcake I ate reassembled and also became very separate, you know?
  7. That car they pulled out of the rivah that belonged to Frank Bennett in Fried Green Tomatoes? Had Tony Soprano's "clamps" all over it