I need your eye
  1. Is this Beyonce?
    Or Lana Turner? They look v similar.
  2. Is this Beyonce?
    Again, saw these pics of Lana Tuner and thought she and Bey favored each other so I hit the web to see if I could find any other lookalikes but soon found myself turned around
  3. Is this Beyonce?
    Or a skyscraper in Australia built after her body - either way very lifelike and confusing!
  4. Is this Beyonce?
    Or Joe Pesci from 8 Heads In A Duffle Bag? Hard to tell
  5. Is this Beyonce?
    I'm pretty sure this is a bunch of VHS tapes in a dumpster but it could be Beyonce, what do I know? Art is art!
  6. Is this Beyonce?
    My gut says card table but I have been wrong before - anyone have proof that this is NOT Beyonce?
  7. Is this Beyonce?
    I would need to hear him sing to be sure but I think this could be Beyonce
  8. Is this Beyonce?
    he's owning that sham-wow like a true Beyonce so who's to say it's not Beyonce?