1. You just stuck your finger in a blender and turned it on?
    Essentially - yes.
  2. It was an accident?
  3. You should unplug it next time
    Yes good idea - I think the true failure here was that no one had ever told me to unplug something w a blade before touching it
  4. Does it hurt?
    Only my pride. And when I do a dancey gesture and the muscle tears.
  5. You were lucky
    Lucky I still have my finger? Yes. Although I think it would be lucky if the thing hadn't turned on at all
  6. What were you making
  7. How'd it turn out?
    I've made better.
  8. Maybe it's the universe telling you to pay attention
  9. So you went straight to the ER?
    Ha no actually I waited 12 hours, had a good nights sleep and hit up the urgent care at 7am.
  10. Because you don't have insurance
    I have insurance but it was a holiday weekend in Chicago baybee. since the bleeding stopped I think "culinary misadventure" is the bottom of the emergency room totem pole. Also: HARD AS HELL
  11. Can I see it?
  12. Here
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  13. You go
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