Band Names for Rock Band

Remember the game Rock Band? Like guitar hero, but with plastic drums and a mic and a bass too? I do.
  1. Velociraptor
    This was our actual band. You can imagine the album covers and shirts already
  2. Antebellum Interregnum
    Pretentious art house emo rock
  3. The Shits
    Because why not
  4. Barracudagain?
    With a question mark, like Therapy?
  5. Asdf
    Just let me play the fucking thing ok?
  6. The Anne Franklys
    90's indie pop, like the Sundays
  7. Closed for Renovations
    Doesn't really work when it's in your house
  8. Everything Rhymes With Orange
    Suggested by   @jakefromstatefarm