Best Karaoke Songs

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  1. End of the world as we know it
    Start at 100% no warm up
  2. Stay
    Inspired by Hot Tub Time Machine 2
  3. Born to run
    What to do during the sax solo though? Skull an entire beer.
  4. Under pressure
    Possible duet potential, depends on how well others are doing
  5. Bat out of hell
    This song takes about three minutes to get going so there's time for a beer and a light snack
  6. America
    Only if very drunk
  7. Goodbye yellow brick road
    Only if everyone is very drunk
  8. I don't wanna grow up
    If it's my birthday
  9. Everybody - Backstreet Boys
    Suggested by   @coreyford
  10. Birdhouse in your soul
    You can basically sing what you want until you get to the "who watches over you!!"