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  1. First off, my view on sexual orientation.
    This whole thing is a bit of a sticky subject, because as I'm sure some of you know, sexual orientation/gender identity are things some people have very strong opinions about.
  2. I don't think someone can honestly say they're 100% straight or 100% gay.
    Because, if you think about it, we only meet a tiny tiny portion worlds population in our years. In those years most people obviously meet someone they love. But I find it difficult to believe that if you met everyone in the world, you wouldn't end up liking someone of the same/opposite gender/sex.
  3. That being said,
    I identify as pansexual, which means that I'm attracted to everyone, despite what's in their pants or what their gender is.
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inspired by a tumblr post a while back but I'm just remembering it now
  1. No one expects anything from me
    I'm allowed to just be my whole and true self, not expected to act or dress a certin way
  2. There isn't any sort of arguments or fights going on
    I unfortunately find myself in the middle of arguments discussing feminism, sexism, eating habits blah blah blah and at 2am nothing like that is happening
  3. My house is almost silent
    My family is a busy one, my father used to get up at 5, be out by 6, I'm up by 6, out by 7:30, my mom is up by 7, out by 8 and my brother is up by 7:30 and out by 8. With the exception of my dog, I'm not being forced to listen to my mom yelling at my brother for not getting up, or for sleeping in.
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Be prepared for a BOATLOAD of teenage issues
  1. Shitty friends
    None of the people who are supposed to be my friends have stood up for me when I'm being picked on for having a vagina, being a feminist, trying to get my white friends to not say the n-word, or trying to get my friends to not call things/people retarded
  2. Being picked on for the things above
    Like honestly
  3. I had one good teacher in the past two years
    As in one teacher who taught us valuable things not only to do with school but with life, as well as she was the only kind teacher
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More on sh*t teachers and harassment
  1. A good 90% of my friends don't seem to give a shit when I'm called a fag or that someone says he's going to murder me
  2. The whole a** slapping thing
    I have a different list on that
  3. My socials teacher decided that he would give us essay after essay after essay for each term. I'm talking like at least 3 per term. (He expected us to write a very formal and well written essay in about a week.)
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The many times I've been harassed by this one guy and a few others.
  1. I got my ass slapped with a spatula
    Twice. Same guy.
  2. A couple of boys threw coins and food down my shirt
    It's like a game to them, "who can throw the most things down Molly's shirt" which is just wonderful 🙃🙃🙃
  3. Being called a "mean ass feminist cunt" by the same guy who slapped my ass
    I don't even understand the idea behind this?? Like yes I have a vagina and yes I am a feminis
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