Feminism, harassment, and more

The many times I've been harassed by this one guy and a few others.
  1. I got my ass slapped with a spatula
    Twice. Same guy.
  2. A couple of boys threw coins and food down my shirt
    It's like a game to them, "who can throw the most things down Molly's shirt" which is just wonderful 🙃🙃🙃
  3. Being called a "mean ass feminist cunt" by the same guy who slapped my ass
    I don't even understand the idea behind this?? Like yes I have a vagina and yes I am a feminis
  4. Talking shit about me behind my back
    Several, several times
  5. Getting pissed at me when I told the vice principal about what he was doing
    And then telling everyone to not touch me or I'll "report you for sexual assault"
  6. Treating me as if I'm an object
  7. Calling my friends sluts
  8. Getting pissed at one of my best friends because she wouldn't make out with him
  9. Moral of the story is that I go to school with a bunch of assholes