several reasons I love being awake during the hours of 2am-4am

inspired by a tumblr post a while back but I'm just remembering it now
  1. No one expects anything from me
    I'm allowed to just be my whole and true self, not expected to act or dress a certin way
  2. There isn't any sort of arguments or fights going on
    I unfortunately find myself in the middle of arguments discussing feminism, sexism, eating habits blah blah blah and at 2am nothing like that is happening
  3. My house is almost silent
    My family is a busy one, my father used to get up at 5, be out by 6, I'm up by 6, out by 7:30, my mom is up by 7, out by 8 and my brother is up by 7:30 and out by 8. With the exception of my dog, I'm not being forced to listen to my mom yelling at my brother for not getting up, or for sleeping in.
  4. I'm allowed to have a breakdown
    During "regular hours" of the day, if I have a breakdown I might just have a friend by my side trying to get me to calm down, which is nice, don't get me wrong, but i enjoy being able to be sad. I enjoy having the freedom to cry my eyes out or stare blankly at the ceiling for two hours.
  5. I have the freedom to do whatever the fuck I want
    I can listen to music, talk to a friend (before they go and sleep), breakdown, express myself, sing, do some art. Do whatever. During the day, I'm busy. Either doing schoolwork when needed, or reading, or volunteering, or being with a friend. I can be as strange as I want.
  6. No one is there to tell me no
    I can behave how I want to behave, write out paragraph-long texts to people I no longer converse with (only to delete them a few minutes later), read through fights I've had, pour my heart on to the pages of my notebook. No one is there to tell me that I can't do these things.
  7. The people who fuck with me at school aren't there to fuck with me
    I can enjoy the silence of not a single person bitching to me, about me, right in my ear
  8. I enjoy sitting in silence and listening for the little sounds
    Like my cats walking around, or my dog snoring
  9. I can write shitty poetry
    Without having people look over my shoulder to see what I'm writing
  10. I can rehearse my shitty poetry
    With no one there to judge
  11. I don't need to worry about anyone
    That won't stop me, but it's nice to know I don't have too