Even though I already wrote two lists 💩
  1. I was born in China, and moved to Montana with my family when I was 5.
    I was the only Asian kid at my elementary school in Bozeman
  2. I grew up in San Diego, California for much of my childhood
    Burritos and surfing, f*** yeah
  3. I love the great outdoors
    Mountains and rivers soothe my soul
  4. I have a weakness for sushi
    I can eat this everyday
  5. I love Siberian huskies
    (disclaimer: not my actual dog, just one I want to courteously take away from my friend)
  6. I'm an avid tea drinker
    Earl grey, hot 🍵
  7. I'm bad at taking hipster coffee art on nondescript tables
    Aspiring to be an Instagram coffee art model 💁🏼
  8. My favorite place in the world is Interlaken, Switzerland
    It's literally heaven on earth (yep, that's me meditating)
  9. I ❤️ this community
    Authenticity is the currency.