but i dont know how to cut it off
  1. tinder
    self explanatory
  2. he barely talks and the conversation was never natural or easy imo
    this is honestly something that like idk how its gone on for so long now
  3. his ex moved out like 2 months ago
    i saw him for the first time 6 months ago
  4. still best friends with his ex
  5. his other friend is also an ex
  6. he doesn't seem to have any other real life friends other than his exes
  7. early on he told me that he didn't want to say the wrong thing and "ruin everything"
    this is definitely when i should have been like "if u think ur gonna ruin everything can we just do that part now before u open up to me about things that u tell me that u've only told 2 other people" but i didnt and now look
  8. he told me that he's incapable of a monogamous relationship
    i have never been in a non monogamous relationship and don't think the way to get into one is like. jumping into it w someone u just met?? that's common sense i think.. also this is what i thought he thought was gonna ruin everything
  9. he told me thats why his last gf broke up w him along w the fact that he was depressed
    along with other shit he wouldnt tell me
  10. he got angry at a girl on a dating site for being stupid and told me that he doesn't like ignorance or something and also said that he doesnt understand how people on the internet can be so rude
    ok this one i told him its the internet thats kind of how it works and also i told him that saying he didnt like stupid people was horrible... so that happened last night
  11. also he told me that he was just generally a negative person
    also he told me that he liked being around me cause i'm a positive person and i feel like being around him when he said that he was 'just a negative person' just like totally drained me? i have no obligation or responsibility to give positive energy where it isn't appreciated!!!
  12. overall a bunch of things that will probably lead up to me not taking a roadtrip w him on memorial day weekend in what 2-3 weeks? that was probably a stupid idea