1. Hating when bands ask for encores
    I already know you're coming back out can you just come back out already?
  2. Giving all the fries i don't want to my dog
    Not all of them just the burned ones at the bottom
  3. Refilling my soda before i leave a fast food place
    Is this a bad thing?
  4. Taking two mints instead of one at the exit of a restaurant
    One for now and one for later? Maybe? I don't take the whole handful either, thats abusing.
  5. Not matching my socks
    No one sees them anyway..
  6. Having seen the same movie many times before and still make my bf sit through it?
    Sorry? But i really like this movie
  7. Using my dog as an excuse
    Party today? No sorry i have to pet sit my dog.