Being a prime member does not help.
  1. I swear I'm only going to buy this one thing i need for school
    Probably a pen but also maybe a pen
  2. Ooo look at this its a notebook i dont need
    *add to cart
  3. People who bought that were also interested in: tablets
    I dont need a tablet but oh hey look this ones 50$? *add to cart
  4. I need a screen protector for the tablet
    *add to cart
  5. And obviously a case
    Add to cart*
  6. Oooo look at this cheap camera for only 100$
    Do i neeeed a camera? Obviously not. *add to cart
  7. Rechargeable batteries?
    I guess ill have to buy a portable battery too since it makes sense *add to cart
  8. About 60 items later...
    Now i have to choose what i actually need
  9. About 5 hours later
    Okay, ive narrowed this down to only 100$... Wait what did i come here to buy?
  10. Repeat steps 1-9