The amount of laziness is too damn high!
  1. You have to go
  2. Getting up is the hardest part
  3. Alright homie you can do this
  4. Each class is 733$
  5. Do you have 733$ to throw away?
  6. Because thats what you're doing every time you miss class
  7. You can sleep when you get home
  8. Its Friday for you anyway
  9. Tell you what, if you get up ill buy you a cheeseburger later on
    A very weird obsession with cheeseburgers.
  10. Seriously?
  11. Fine. Ruin your future idc
  12. Oh your mom made coffee
  13. Smell the coffee isabel, smell the coffee
  14. Alright you're up! Now hurry, you're gonna be late.