Because they say remembering is like re-living.
  1. A picture of myself now
    Later i assume ill laugh at my youth
  2. A peanut butter cup
  3. A letter to myself that says something stupid.
    Ill drive myself nuts trying to figure it out and then realized i pranked myself.
  4. A journal and a pen
    What if those don't exist anymore?
  5. Old pointless receipts
    Ill wonder why i spent money on something dumb.
  6. A list of passwords
    Am i expected to remember my gmail password 30 years from now?
  7. My favorite movie
    Tangled is my current favorite movie, closely followed by How to train your Dragon 1&2. (Im a child at heart).
  8. Old disneyland passes
    I mean in 30 years i can dream they'll be worth something.
  9. My old debit card
    I dont know what will happen in 30 years what if i have to TEACH my kids what a debit card is?! Or a check???!!!
  10. My iphone
    Again, see debit card reason.
  11. My favorite book
    Currently Looking for Alaska, because at this rate idk where the future of paper books lie.