1. Btw this is rita, the ugliest creature known to exist.
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  2. You're ugly!
    With love
  3. Sometimes you're very strange
    She sits on my bed for no reason
  4. No, I'm not going to open the bathroom door for you to steal socks from the dirty pile
    All my socks have holes thanks to you
  5. You have too much attitude for such a small dog
    Seriously theres no point in buying you halloween costumes if you're just gonna sit there and throw a tantrum
  6. You're stinky!
    Dorito dog
    Then proceed to wrap her in her blanket
  8. Seriously, i need you to go pee
    Ill come get you when i think you have peed
  9. Who wants a taco???
    Obviously she does
  10. You only love me when i have food!
  11. Um, thats my spot on the couch and you need to move
    Proceeds to the look of "im not moving"
  12. And her ultimate favorite, who wants to go on a car ride?
    Because spoiled as she is she knows what that is.