Being an only girl in a family of boys.
  1. You idly stand watch as you see them pull their hair out
    "Im not involved in this but touch me and watch what happens"
  2. You guard your food carefully
    I get youre growing but quite frankly so am i so please dont touch my food
  3. You learn to play "boy" games
    Yes, i threw hot wheels down the hall for fun and yes i also played with nerf guns.
  4. You yell like a boy
    After a while it kinda gets stuck
  5. You watch movies that "boys" like
    This included any of the fast and the furious movies with many more action movies that unfortunately i had no option in watching since we only had one tv
  6. Girly things don't come until much later
    Who has time to paint their nails when you can play in the dirt with your hot wheels? Seriously i didnt paint my nails until i was like 18
  7. You learn to live with them
    I mean theyre not sisters but thats as close as you're gonna get to one.