This is an angry list.
  1. People who smirk at my dad when they cant understand him through his accent
    Um yeah its not that hard, i understand its hard to understand some words but you don't have to be a dick about it. He probably has a better vocabulary than you
  2. Paying for a 2$ cheeseburger and showing my id
    Yes yes its for my security, i know i look like im younger but if i know my pin doesn't that make the id a little bit redundant?
  3. Buying a laptop for school and getting asked thirty times if i was sure it was the "right economic choice"
    Im young i get it, but thats what my loan is for.
  4. Taking my boyfriend out to lunch and looking at the waiter's faces
    No, we dont do this often because were both in college and no, i dont always pay for his food but its 2015 and i dont understand why i cant buy him food without disapproving looks from people i dont know.
  5. The phrase "You speak Spanish?" You don't look like it!
    For clarification purposes i don't think its said in a bad way but its offensive regardless. What does a Spanish speaker look like?
  6. People who don't pick up after their dogs
    You take your dog for a walk, he poops you scoop.
  7. People who mistreat their dogs/cats/pets
    You're heartless and shouldn't have a pet.