Very easily achieved.
  1. Opening up a peanut butter cup and having no chocolate stuck to the wrapper.
  2. Getting to sharpen my eyeliner.
    Because its fun.
  3. Realizing i actually have a dollar cash for the vending machines.
    Not up for the 50 cent charge on an already expensive bag of chips 😒
  4. Having a dog to greet me at the door after i come home.
  5. Coffee
    Any kind really.
  6. Writing weird notes to myself in the future to know why i did a certain thing.
    I found a post it earlier today in my bag with the words "you have to wash this bag first because you spilled coffee on it". Thank you past me for not washing it and future me, I'm sorry.
  7. Taking off my glasses after a terrifyingly long day.
    They don't bother me, it just feels good.