Harry Potter books ranked from my least favorite to favorite❤️

Of course all of the books are amazing but some I enjoy reading more than others. I have read the whole series 5 ½ times and some books more than that.
  1. 7) (Least favorite) Order of the Phoenix
    There is nothing wrong withy he book it's just that I find it hard to read. I feel in this book Harry is the most miserable. He goes through so much shit and I feel so bad that it's hard for me to read this book.
  2. 6) Prisoner of Azkaban
    I love it because it's Harry Potter but it doesn't really do a whole lot for me.
  3. 5) Chamber of Secrets
    This was my fav book for a while. I left it at my grandparents house and read it every time I visited. I've just read it too many times so now it bores me a bit when I re-read the series. Still love it a lot though. This is where Harry and Ginny begin!!!
  4. 4) Deathly Hallows
    I really love this book and there are so many great moments, but I always dread reading because I know once it's over it's over. That's why it's not closer to number. There is no more!!!!!! It breaks my heart.
  5. 3) Goblet of Fire
    I really love this one because you really get to see how much the characters have grown up. I feel like in this book I get to see how they're not little kids anymore. I don't like that they are no intense quidditch scenes but that's ok.
  6. 2) Sorcerers stone
    Of course this is close to number one it's where it all started. I love reading this book so much!!! I love the feeling of being introduced to the wizard into world all over again. It's also fun reading this book because I can see foreshadowing and stuff aaahhh I love it!!!
  7. 1) Half Blood Prince
    ❤️There's is enough balance between nice, happy moments with dark, action packed, super intense, tear jerking moments. The real reason I love this book is because I am a hard core Harry and Ginny shipper. I never understood why people shipped Harry and Germaine. I knew from book two that it would be Harry and Ginny. I know Jk said it Ron wasn't right for hermione and I see that but let her be with someone else not Harry. She said nothing about Harry and Ginny being wrong for each other