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Gunna Have to Do a Songs one next, there is way more of those. My musical ADD hasnt allowed me to appreciate albums. But here are a few of my favorite.
  1. Beatles Greatest Hits
    My mom had us listening to this as kids and still some of my favorite songs of all time are off this album. The Beatles are the greatest and this is the first band that got me into music
  2. Nevermind-Nirvana
    Smells Like Teen Spirit, Lithium, Come as You Are just to name a few of my favorites on this album. This was my early teenage years music, it spoke to my confusion of going through puberty and allowed me to release a lot of anger and frustration during that time.
  3. Man on the Moon- Kid Cudi
    I played the hell out of this in high school. Everyday on the way to school had to start it off with some Cudder
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Here is a list of my favorite retro NFL logos
  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Better known as the Succaneers thru this era, i love the creamsicle and red.
  2. Miami Dolphins
    Undefeated nuff said
  3. Cleveland Browns
    I find the little sprite guy funny
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Pixar and Live Action List to come soon
  1. Jungle Book
    This probably wont be on a lot of peoples lists. I love this movie and the new live action added to the greatness.
  2. Lion King
    This scene alone is enough to put it on the list. Ill be 80 years old and ill still tear up at this scene. Plus the entire soundtrack done by the great Sir Elton John.
  3. Aladdin
    Robin Williams as the genie is one of the best casting jobs by Disney. Great soundtrack.
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