My 5 Favorite Disney Animated Movies

Pixar and Live Action List to come soon
  1. Jungle Book
    This probably wont be on a lot of peoples lists. I love this movie and the new live action added to the greatness.
  2. Lion King
    This scene alone is enough to put it on the list. Ill be 80 years old and ill still tear up at this scene. Plus the entire soundtrack done by the great Sir Elton John.
  3. Aladdin
    Robin Williams as the genie is one of the best casting jobs by Disney. Great soundtrack.
  4. The Fox and The Hound
    Best friends become enemies. The fight scene with the bear is intense.
  5. Tarzan
    Skateboarding on trees and fighting a jaguar with a spear this movie has it all. Plus entire soundtrack done by the great Phil Collins