Now whenever someone asks me where I want to go, I can redirect them to this list instead of talking to them.
  1. University of Colorado at Boulder
    Great college town, love hiking and the mountains. Great Media Production and Communications program.
  2. University of Connecticut
    Best Digital Media and Design program in the country, in state tuition.
  3. Colorado State University
    See: University of Colorado Boulder. Media Production doesn't look as good, but seems to have great Communications program.
  4. Cornell Univeristy
    Beautiful area in upstate New York, fantastic Ivy League University, great college town. Plus my Dad, Uncle, and Cousin went here.
  5. Clemson University
    Great Communications and Sports Communications programs. Fantastic college town. Awesome sports school.
  6. University of Massachusetts Amherst
    It's nearby and Mom wants me to apply. Looks like they have a good honors college.