These are some people in the public eye who genuinely inspire me and that I can call my icons 💓💓💓
  1. Rowan Blanchard
    this girl introduced me to feminism and she's such a light in this world. she has taught me that their is no age limit for changing the world and she's a huge goofball in person who gives great hugs. @rowanblanchard
  2. Sabrina Carpenter
    ok also a girl meets world star, but she is living my dream job of being a disney channel actress and making music that entertains everyone. her songs are just golden and the way she makes everyone she meets feel so special and important is something i can only dream of accomplishing.
  3. Zendaya Coleman
    she is such a queen, honestly. i have no words for what she has taught me from intersectional feminism to how to handle haters and i will forever adore her confidence in herself.
  4. Alessia Cara
    ok we have literally so much in common. she had the same outlook on life when she was my age that i do now, she loved her dreams, and she she four pink walls just like i do at the moment. besides that, her voice makes me feel so happy and she is just so great to me.
  5. Cheryl
    cheryl is living proof that you can get through anything if you stay who you are and hang on to what you love. she's been knocked down countless times, but she keeps getting back up and showing everyone what she's made of LIKE THAT IS SO COOL TO ME
  6. Lilly Singh
    she reminds me everyday how valuable it is to stay positive and choose kindness. she fought depression and is now majorly successful while promoting happiness and joy. also, we are both unicorns so yeah
  7. Chloe Lukasiak
    she is also living proof that being yourself can get you through anything. she's been through so much and she has done it smiling. she makes everyone feel important and has such a good outlook on life. she is truly a light in this world.
  8. Talia Castellano
    my little angel. even though cancer took her life, it never took her spirit and legacy from this world. she taught everyone about staying positive and she showed me how to just keep swimming.