1. Alexander Hamilton
    Then do those a million things, very musical
  2. Aaron Burr Sir
    I'm confused, didn't Burr shoot Hamilton, they shouldn't be nice too each other if they kill each other
  3. My Shot
    What's the point, use your shot
  4. The Story of Tonight
  5. The Schuyler Sisters
    Work work, damn badasses, 🎵daddy should make you follow his requests🎵
  6. Farmer Refuted
    I liked you King George
  7. You'll Be Back
    Damn there's some nice talent, I like your lyrics on sabotaging people
  8. Right Hand Man
    I didn't pay attention to this one
  9. Helpless
    The Schuyler Sisters are talented gosh darn it
  10. Satisfied
    I haven't paid attention to this one
  11. The Story of Tonight - Reprise
    This is so much better then the first one but still why are they nice to each other
  12. Wait For It
    Have I listened to this one?
  13. Stay Alive
    -starts crying- I'm fine
  14. Ten Duel Commandments
    This ones catchy
  15. Meet Me Inside
    Haven't paid attention to this one
  16. That Would Be Enough
    No reaction
  17. Guns and Ships
    Haven't paid attention to this one
  18. History Has Its Eyes On You
  19. Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)
    Good 1 minute solo from Lin
  20. What Comes Next
    I love you Jonathon Groff
  21. Dear Theodosia
    This reminds me of Hey Their Delila
  22. Non-Stop
    Which one is this again?
  23. What's I Miss
    Damn this is catchy
  24. Cabinet Battle #1
  25. Take A Break
    Haven't paid attention to this one
  26. Say No To This
    I just got it stuck in my head oops
  27. The Room Where It Happens
    Catchy and dark
  28. Schuyler Defeated
    Haven't paid attention to this one
  29. Cabinet Battle #2
  30. Washington On Your Side
    Catchy asf
  31. One Last Time
    Haven't paid attention to this one
  32. I Know Him
    I have a tiny crush on Jonathon Groff if you can't see
  33. Everything else I'm too lazy to write