For @LevNovak. I wanted to cover more cities I have eaten pizza in, but I can't in good conscience dilute the quality of my list from only best of the best. These are places I am confident I am an expert. Add yours!
  1. (Boston) Pinocchios pizza
    The PERFECT Sicilian slice with the accent to prove it. Crunchy bottom crust gives way to a short interlude of lofted dough before a light garlicky sauce and the cheese. I get a plain classic slice but it's all good. Off of mt auburn st, brattle st/Harvard square area. (Keep going past the 7-11 on Winthrop street and look to your right. This is truly a blink and miss you it but it's always standing room only.)
  2. (Atlanta) Savage pizza
    A nice middle ground for families divided by the Neapolitan/Sicilian slice war, this pizza may lean slightly Sicilian but retains the classic triangle slice indicative of middle ground pizza. This place is not for those who snub garlic in all its forms. The beauty is in the sauce, which is highly secret. I get the bacon spinach and tomato which is best situated to showcase their nexus of fresh produce suppliers, 2nd best bacon supplier, and garlic. In the quirky little 5 points neighborhood.
  3. (Knoxville) The Tomatohead
    This place is so many things, all amazing. Originally just pizza when I was a kid, they have branched out their menu too and are so good, I can't in good conscience mention the pizza and leave it at that. Start with their chipotle tomato soup and hot bacon salad -they were the ones to put Benton's Bacon on the map. Sicilian fans be warned -this is a thinner slice, but it's not brittle and still good. Go with the #1 pesto, or #7 chèvre and Roma tomato. (Also try their brunch.) Downtown/West Hills
  4. (Mongolia) Roundtable Pizza
    An off-the-wall entry, but after working in Mongolia for more than a year with few pizza options, this city may be my true domain specialty. If you find yourself in worlds coldest capital, I recommend the Chicken Garlic Supreme with white sauce, or for a fusion of the best of East and Central Asia, the Horse Steak Kimchi pizza. A classic triangle cut, middle thickness crust, leans slightly Sicilian or Neapolitan depending on the chef. Located on Peace Avenue by State Dept Store/номин их дэл гуур
  5. (St Andrews, Scotland) Pizza Connection
    Once again, the best crust in town was the hallmark of this South Street pizza joint serving triangular slices to drunk students and underage chav clientele. A grimy hole in the wall whose cheesy, mushroom pizza was as good as its blood pudding or deep fried haggis was bad, this place exemplified Scotland's truest and finest. Sadly shut down (likely by the health dept) after 2009.
  6. +39 Pizzeria, Melbourne Australia
    Wood fired Neapolitan style pizza, just awesome. This place is an oasis in the pizza desert that is Melbourne.
    Suggested by @Schneid
  7. (Pittsburgh, PA) Italian Village Pizza
    Thin, large, New York style - maybe the best piece of pizza I've ever had. Squirrel Hill location.
    Suggested by @maira
  8. Savannah, GA: Vinnie Van Gogo's
    In a place definitely not known for pizza, this was good even by my NY/NJ standards
    Suggested by @maggzerts