1. Oh my god there are no seats and it's a Sunday night and we arrived thirty minutes early
  2. What happened to previews? These ads suck
  3. Oh my god everyone is munching popcorn SO loudly
  4. I'm going to have scary dreams about the xmen preview fuck
  5. There is a king fu panda 3? Did anyone see the first two?
  6. Did have you step on my foot twice? you don't need your second jumbo popcorn the movie hasn't even started yet
  7. I love Star Trek more than Star Wars. Why is the trailer so bad
  8. Why did the huge chimichanga ad even exist
  9. God I hate the smell of popcorn
  10. I wish I had waited to see this movie without people a few weeks from now
  11. Why do I give in to the press of pop culture
  12. I wonder how uncomfortable the Warcraft tooth prosthetics were
  13. I guess movies have always used apocalypse as a trope ( @BeReadyUtah @UtahEmergency )
  14. Does iMax still do nature documentaries? Can I see previews for those please?
  15. I really don't want Affleck's Batman to succeed. He's a cheating SOB
  16. Jesse Eisenberg is an effective SOB
  17. God everything is marvel. Does anyone miss life before DC/Marvel film studios were a thing?
  18. Jungle Book Looks GORGEOUS
  19. I hope it doesn't get all weird and racist though
  20. Oh thank god the movie is going to start.
  21. It's 7:58. We got here at 7:10.