books, tv and movies! This too, was hard.
  1. Johnathon Harker from Dracula
    Just a brave gentleman
  2. Merlin
    Mary Stewart's version
  3. Samwise Gamgee
    No explanation needed
  4. Bridget Jones and Elizabeth Bennet
    I know they're not similar but the whole premise of Pride and Prejudice makes me think I can put them together
  5. Mr. Darcy/ Mark Darcy
    Colin Firth!!!
  6. Mindy Laheri
    Also Peter Prentice!!
  7. Arthur
    Kevin Crossley-Holland's version
  8. Michael Scott
    Actually everyone on The this a violation of list rules?
  9. John Watson
    Martin Freeman!!
  10. Samuel Hamilton
    East of Eden..just perfect