Very rarely I have the opportunity to listen in on a conversation, podcast discussion, PSA that I think makes me a better person for the experience. These are those moments so far
  1. Death, Sex and Money- DANCE BREAK
  2. Hidden Brain-WOOP There it is
    this one might just lead to personal growth if I can internalize and incorporate it into my life
  3. Hidden Brain-Loss and Renewal
  4. Only Human- This is the year you stick to it
    Notice the self help kick...
  5. Nerdist- 3peat Mike Birbiglia
    I need to listen to this one again, all I remember is that it was important. (hence this list!!)
  6. Nerdist- Allison Janney
    I reflect on her ability to vocalize her weak spots to others often.
  7. Nerdist-Lisa Kudrow
    I think a lot about that chocolate croissant and how surprising and reassuring a simple reaction to let downs can be.
  8. Nerdist-Brie Larson
    just a great comfy conversation
  9. I listen to podcasts a lot while I am at work in the lab
    ergo ipso facto colombo oreo
  10. nerdist-anna kendrick returns