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  1. You know when your away from school along time and you miss your friends
    Well I get to school and realize I have absolutely no freinds in any period /bad start/:(
  2. But things got better I got to sit with some friends at lunch until my teacher told me I could not sit with them any more.
    He seid I was making to much noise ,and it was not between 15-20
  3. And that's not the end ,the Internet in my home room sucks
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  1. My dad does not like pets
  2. He does not trust me and my siblings with a pet
    He seid if ever get a pet without his knowing he would cook it !?!
  3. I don't understand ??
    because apparently as a kid he had tons of pets ??
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  1. He inspires me and many others
  2. We share things in common
  3. He great person and God has a lot in store for him ,in my eyes his life is just beginning ,I hope he makes the right chooses .
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  1. I wish people would treat each other equally ,and with respect
  2. I wish so many Black men and women weren't being judged or miss treated because of race
  3. I wish the world could have peace
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  1. When someone comes in my room and leaves but does not close the door
  2. When your siblings slurp thare drink just to piss you off
  3. When they copy every thing you do
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  1. Isaiah
  2. This is all that needs to be seid💯🔥
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  1. She cooks
  2. She smart
  3. God has blessed her
    Just her walking in to a room can light your day ,though we don't always get along I would have no one else be my sister
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