Songs From 2016 I'm Still Obsessed With.

  1. Smoke Break- Chance The Rapper w/Future.
    It's the kinda weed anthem you get married to. It's beautiful. I think I can literally hear Future crying on this imagine Future crying.
  2. Webbie- Young Thug w/ Duke
    It was hard not to just list this entire album. I also feel like #hooddresses should get more love on all platforms of social media.
  3. FML- Kanye West
    Kanye is at his best when he's being completely raw and honest with his feelings. The alternative would be a 45 minute rant about Nike. I like this better.
  4. Real Chill- Rae Sremmurd w/Kodak Black
    Kodak Black looks like he had an artist from "Rugrats" do all of his tattoos but he kills this verse.
  5. Still Here- Drake
    This is the anthem for anyone using free wifi at a coffee shop and can't stop asking for free refills.