Some of them are hanging
  1. TWSBI 580 Fountain Pen & Inkwell
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  2. Some paintings I did in university
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  3. Cocoa Butter Vaseline Lotion
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    gotta moisturize
  4. Seagull Guitar, canvased photo of Poon Hill I took on a hike in Nepal, Yoga Mat
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  5. University Diploma
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    Nowadays I'm the most anti-school I've ever been in my life...but I'm still weirdly proud of this thang
  6. Books I'm reading next to my bed
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  7. White Noise Machine
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    Never thought I'd use one of these things but after receiving it in a Quarterly package it's come in handy more times than I can count. You never know when excess noise is gonna disrupt your sleep/work...this has been a game changer for those moments.
  8. Liquor Shelf
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    Highlights: Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon, Mcgregor's Late Harvest Vignoles, Lagavulin 16 yr
  9. Carpentry Resources
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    I have fantasies of building a Tiny House someday...gotta start somewhere
  10. GoPro, Business Cards, Sleep Mask
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