A live report
  1. I have to wait another 30 minutes until I am allowed to go through the security check.
  2. I didn't bring any book or anything
  3. I am listening to Rihanna's album anti. It is fine.
  4. I am reading airport themed lists.
  5. I wish someone near me would start a conversation. But everyone looks reserved
  6. So many funny people at this airport. I wish one of my friends was with me so we could talk about them
    I mean there was a guy with a GoPro on his cap!
  7. I bought a Jo Nesbo Novel.
  8. I bought a water and a banana.
    I am not hungry but I felt it was time to eat some thing. Also water is good. Still: most boring airport food ever
  9. I wish I could drink a beer. But I feel strange drinking alone.
  10. So many Italian school classes speaking Italian
    I should learn Italian, it sounds great.