1. Cleaning
  2. Watching comedies that aren't funny
    I saw Hot Pursuit the other night. I laughed at every joke and at some things that were not jokes. I probably couldn't finish this movie if I were sober.
  3. Driving
    I know this sounds bad.
  4. Petting a dog.
    This is always fun, but after the first ten minutes, it continues to be fun if you're stoned.
  5. Studying
    Any subject becomes very intriguing. The only problem is sometimes I zone out while reading and have to read the same page like ten times, but I also have the patience to make sure I fully understand a concept before turning a page, which isn't always true sobez!
  6. Looking at yourself in the mirror
    If you aren't memorized by how "HD" your face looks, you're just enjoying some quality time with a hella cool person.