1. Their absolute transparency of emotions makes me feel like I can be vulnerable around them with my own.
    My dog doesn't try to be low-key about being excited when I get home.
  2. They are usually soft and cuddly, like interactive stuffed animals!
    I just realized how stuffed animals got their name.
  3. No matter how many times you yell at them and punish them, they still think you're the shit.
    As far as human friendships go, you should not stay friends with someone if they yell at you and punish you.
  4. They never consider what you look like when evaluating the kind of person you are.
    That's why you can walk around naked in front of your dog, and they don't think you're a slut because your actions differ from your appearance. Society can learn from this lol! Also the reason dogs are feminists and not racist!
  5. They're always down to hang out and do whatever.
    And they don't ignore you the whole time and text.
  6. If they think anyone's shady or out to get you, they will not hesitate to bark at them.
    Human friends are usually much more diplomatic/passive aggressive.