If you're nearby and feel like eating chinese, japanese or vietnamese food; here are some options that I recommend as a legit tijuanense.
  1. Banh Mi Deli
    Located closed by the border at Estación Federal. This place makes delicious vietnamese deli food like spring rolls, pork belly and of course báhn mì sandwiches.
  2. Hannabi
    You can't find better and more authentic japanese food in TJ. The owner is a multi tasker cook, cashier and even waiter. He might seem like he has a lot in his plate, but trust me, his teriyaki chicken and sushi cones are the best in town.
  3. Pequeño Saigón
    One word: Pho. These place has different pho soups, I personally recommend the meat balls one ( How can you order that in spanish? Repeat after me: Al•Bón•Di•Gas). The spring rolls are also great and if you're feeling more like eating something "not so soupy" The peanut oil fried rice is amazing! (My favorite is the spanish chorizo version).
  4. Kimchi Mix
    A place that mixes korean with mexican food. They have good soups and versions of chilaquiles and tacos with korean flavors.
  5. WokTrok
    This foodtruck makes noodles, it's a simple menu where you can choose what you want to put to your noodles from the meat or veggies to the different sauces they make (They have Kung Pao, Peanut, Spicy and Tamarind).
  6. Tajima Ramen
    Located inside the most popular shopping mall in Tijuana at Foodgarden Plaza Rio (which is like a fancier foodcourt that has only local businesses, I will enlist about this place in another list ;) ); but make no assumptions, they make damn good ramen, especially the pork one.
  7. Saketori-Ya
    Excellent food, excellent service; located close to the Xolos Stadium. It is relatively a new place, but it has become very popular amongst local people. They have a selection of different sushi versions, delicious Donburi and Ramen, just to mention a few.