1. Ruth Fisher from Six Feet Under
  2. That Dragon bitch from Game of Thrones
  3. Miranda in Sex and the City
  4. The hatch door in Lost (I think that's female?)
  5. Lauren Conrad in The Hills
  6. Cora Crawley on Downton Abbey
  7. Mrs. Hughes on Downton Abbey
  8. Sheree Whitfield on Real Housewives of Atlanta
  9. Crazy Eyes on Orange is the New Black
  10. Ally McBeal on Ally McBeal
  11. DJ Tanner on Full House
  12. Jesse Spano on Saved by the Bell
  13. Mrs. Gnome from David the Gnome
  14. Some high powered bad ass bitch who helps That dark haired lead lady stop being so lame on The Good Wife
  15. Carmella from The Sopranos
  16. carrie matheson on homeland
    Suggested by @lindsaygelfand
  17. Emily Gilmore, Gilmore Girls
    Suggested by @klrosenb
  18. A from Pretty Little Liars
    Suggested by @jojames