This is how my life will look like when I have a genie of my own (note that I say 'when' and not 'if' as I still believe someday I will be the one that ruled this list & had it all...muahaha)
  1. A dæmon (His Dark Materials)
    For those who have not read the Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials nor seen Golden Compass...a dæmon is basically an animal version of yourself that speaks to you and is your companion for life. I mean come on how cool is that! It's like all those moments u snuggle with your pets and tell them about your day and u wish that they can respond to u and of course live for as long as u live. 😻
  2. A wand (Harry Potter)
    What my hypothetical one will look like based on the quiz i took on
  3. My own version of C3PO (Star Wars)
    I love anxious eager to please robots who will do my bidding and not bend the rules so I don't have to worry about a robot takeover. Hey it's a legitimate fear! Plus in a weird way...C3PO truly reminds me of Sheldon.
  4. The ability to teleport/apparate (Xmen/ Harry Potter)
    After having to take public transport for most of my life...the ability to teleport/apparate will be a welcome release from the lies that I tell myself about the things I will get done during long journeys.
  5. Self tying shoe laces (Back to the future)
    Yes I'm lazy to bend over and do my own laces and expect technology to have this sorted already. I mean come on guys...can't be too difficult can it?
  6. The ability to eat whatever I want and still look freaking amazing ( ALL MAGAZINES)
    How God how??? Why u gotta do me like this...
  7. I feel like loads more can come out of this list...any suggestions? Or I could do special editions or a 10-part series...😜
  8. K bye for now...