Why @mindy Is My Girl Crush

This is dedicated to the other girl crushes in my life @jessicaz & Emily who gave me the highest compliment by telling me that I remind them of @mindy. It also could be just coz I'm Indian (JK JK...I love & respect u loads Mindy and as to why...leggo...)
  1. She is cool AF and smart. Like a cross between the popular kids in school and the valedictorian who was friends with everyone at school.
    In my head that's who I thought I was (still think that) and was the regular nerd at school. I would like to think I bridged that gap a tad bit now.
  2. I first knew about Mindy when a trailer for the pilot for The Mindy Project came on & my first reaction was woah an Indian chick as the lead in an American series. It was then I caught myself & she made me realise those barriers I had set for myself all exist in my head. 🙌🏽
  3. I love that Mindy believes life should be a rom com & that alternate reality...golden! Brings into being an exciting & colourful life I say...
  4. Thank you Mindy for writing that chapter on 4am worries. I know what keeps me up at night & especially what she said about not being one of the greats and just one of the fines...thank u truly!
  5. I think Mindy & I think courage! That has always been my word to live by and I admire how much that is reflected in her honesty & confidence.
  6. Mindy's work ethic!! Hard work has been demonized for way too long and everyone tweet worthy has got to where they are now through working hard to know their shit & showing it unapologetically. Thank you Mindy (and Kevin Hart) for setting the record straight.
    Entitled is not a bad word (though it got cut in that photo...oopsie)
  7. Whenever I hear Mindy's voice come through in some of those classic one liners...no matter my mood, it 100% an LOL for me & I love that she has that effect on me. 😍
  8. Gosh this was so hard to write...don make me do one of these again @jessicaz. Hahahaa!! I kid for sizzle coz there is so much more I can say...
  9. Hoping to have my next list read "Various emotions I went through when Mindy liked my list!"
  10. Ok bye...