With zero consideration of practicality, commercial success, or my job.
  1. The Dud Avocado, Elaine Dundy
    This book is just about a pink haired American girl living in Paris in the 50s and it is so so good. Sally Jay Gorce is a way more fun, way more real Holly Golightly. I've always thought this should be a movie but no one listens to me.
  2. The Magus, John Fowles
    I know this was adapted once and it was bad. But I think we can do better! And it would be an amazing movie with the right crew--the location is amazing & also so many twists and turns!
  3. The Savage Detectives, Roberto Bolaño
    If we could go back in time 15 years and have Gael García Bernal & Diego Luna play Arturo & Ulises? Coming off of Y Tu Mamá También?
  4. A Discovery of Witches, Deborah Harkness
    This book has basically every fantasy trope imaginable (witches, vampires, time travel etc) plus it takes place in Oxford PLUS the main character is an actual smart female lead.
  5. A Little Life, Hanya Yanagihara
    I read this book two months ago and I can honestly say that I've thought about it every day. It would be a hard one to do & probably better as a miniseries, but it could be one of the greatest things ever.
  6. Any Virginia Woolf book?
    Are there any? And don't come at me with the hours we all know that doesn't count.
  7. Easy Riders, Raging Bulls, Peter Biskind
    This book is sooooo problematic but someone could definitely do an amazing job of skewering all these dudes.