Everyone talks about Virginia Woolf. Here are some other amazing women who wrote some amazing things.
  1. Jean Rhys
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    Start with: Wide Sargasso Sea. Then, Good Morning, Midnight.
  2. Mina Loy
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    Read: The Lost Lunar Baedaker.
  3. Dorothy Richardson
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    Start with: Pointed Roofs. Then just keep going.
  4. Djuna Barnes
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    Start with: Nightwood. Then: Ryder.
  5. HD
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    Start with: Sea Garden. Then: Helen in Egypt or Notes on Thought and Vision.
  6. Mary Butts
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    Read: Armed With Madness.
  7. Clarice Lispector
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    Start with: Near to the Wild Heart.
  8. Katherine Mansfield
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    Start with: "Bliss" or "The Garden Party."
  9. Jane Bowles
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    Start with: Two Serious Ladies. Then, My Sister's Hand in Mind.