1. What's happening with her sundance project?
  2. Who are you talking to?
  3. Did you watch true detective?
  4. Whose this fuckin nerd introducing john mayer?
  5. Are you okay?
  6. Am I allowed to fly economy plus?
  7. How come I can't read comics on kindle?
  8. She's old now, right?
  9. Smelly people?
  10. Can we go home now jw?
  11. Yeah can you decide what you want to eat first though?
  12. What do you want for lunch?
  13. Can we have lunch now?
  14. Are you going out for lunch?
  15. Why do we have to go out for lunch?
  16. Let's do the casting while we're eating lunch?
  17. Can I get a carne asada burrito with no cheese?