Since we broke up
  1. "Where the fuck has Iszy gone?"
  2. "You deserve your misery."
  3. "No hard feelings; I wish you all the best"
    Pls note aggressive punctuation
  4. "We'll always have Paris. And Santorini. Hope this email isn't too 'suffocating.'"
    Again, aggressive punctuation
  5. "Do you remember the name of the soup dumpling place in NYC?"
  6. "Don't lose faith in me! I'll finish a great film one day"
    After stealing the kickstarted funds for his first movie
  7. "I certainly don't want to hear about any of the men in your life."
    After telling me about his new girlfriend (see below)
  8. "I look forward to the day when me and you and Rosa and your new hunk have a coffee on the continent in the sun, probably at a film festival."
    FYI, "Rosa"=new girlfriend, "new hunk"=no one.