I grew up in "West LA." It's basically the area between Santa Monica, Cheviot Hills, Westwood and Century City. It's a weird neighborhood that doesn't have a real name and is mostly mattress stores but there are some restaurants that are damn good.
  1. Matteo's
    Old school Italian with the best vibe and some clown weird paintings.
  2. Sunnin
    The best Lebanese! Used to be a tiny counter spot on Westwood, now has the counter AND an amazing legit restaurant across the street. Everything is good.
  3. Food
    Easy lunch & breakfast place with some really good pastries, salads and a VERY good hamburger.
  4. The Apple Pan
    Everyone knows about this place but it wouldn't be West LA without it.
  5. Marty's
    Another GOOD hamburger. But the combo burger also has chili and a hotdog on it so... Also the curly fries are maybe the ones you can buy frozen from the market but they are still very good.
  6. Westside Tavern
    Westside Tavern is in a mall, yes, but it's got a great pretty seasonal menu ( and good hummus). My go to "let's meet in the middle" lunch place.
  7. Atticus Creamery & Pies
    Relatively new spot. Lavender lemon pie! Honeycomb ice cream! So many good things.
  8. The Bigg Chill
  9. Feast from the East
    Chinese Chicken Salad.