Everyone is wondering what is inside of the cave. Here is what it is in there so that you can finally know.
  1. The dogs for barking
    Of course these are in there you idiot. Did you not know that this was obvious? Everyone can hear them from far away. They have kept us up for days.
  2. The fire so bright and so hot.
    It is there along with the dogs.
  3. Surprising fruit
    Who could have guessed that there would be so much fruit inside of the cave? This is a surprise to us all.
  4. A good ironing board
    Nice and useful. One of the better things inside of the cave that we are learning about right now. Very practical.
  5. The sweetness
    The sweetness is in there. Isn't that great? It is making us all smile and holler kind and respectful phrases.
  6. Nothing else.
    We wish there were more inside. But that is all there is. Sorry.