It's good to support mom and pop shops. Some mom and pop shops sell the freakiest shit imaginable.
  1. Mummified frog boy fetus ($250. A very important investment for any serious collector of frog boys.)
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  2. Burnt mummy ($400)
  3. 10 Piece budget toes!!! ($20. This is the deal of the century. If you do not already have ten of your own toes you gotta get on this pronto.)
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  4. Lung pair, large ($90, a steal.)
  5. Fat headless Raymond, unpainted ($400)
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  6. Bloated drown victim ($700)
  7. Six piece limb assortment ($240)
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  8. Smoker's lungs ($200, and here I always thought the clean ones would be more valuable!)
  9. Horse demon ($650)
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  10. 3D anatomical model cell ($21.70. I remember this from science class! Look at that mitochondria! Bein all... mitochondrial.)
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  11. Frozen dangling arm, bone exposed ($60
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  12. Lightweight goat horns ($25. Because heavy goat horns are such a hassle.)
  13. Bruise makeup color wheel ($15. Screw what Cosmo says. Who cares if you have a winter or summer skin tone? Bruises look cool on every skin tone and get you fun attention and concern from your colleagues! Great for day or night.)
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  14. Zombie monkey ($400. So cute!)
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