1. Comedians on camels getting wasted
  2. Comedians in the vacuum of space eating spaghetti
  3. Comedians doing reconstructive surgery without a license
  4. Comedians jousting other comedians, but the jousting swords are wiggly
  5. Comedians driving NASCAR on cocaine
  6. Comedians playing with thousands of puppies on a bouncy castle
  7. Comedians making out with other comedians and they don't know who it is because they are blindfolded until afterwards
  8. Comedians learning to lumberjack, but the stakes are high because nobody has enough firewood for winter
  9. Comedians using biore blackhead strips and narrating the results
  10. Comedians in therapy
  11. Comedians at a renaissance faire on mushrooms
  12. Comedians getting coffee in a jungle from that cat that poops out rare coffee beans (IT IS REAL LOOK IT UP)