She's a sassy queen and I aspire to be her.
  1. Always dance
    If you're life isn't a non stop dance party, you need to get it together. Stop, twerk, and hit the sprinkler move (might get u dumped/keep u single but it will be fun)
  2. When people hate the Kardashians
    HOW is this even possible this show is amazing this family is dramatic and it's the perfect show to eat candy to and procrastinate workouts with
  3. Giphy
    Honestly how I feel sometimes like hello I am a ball of FUN you better appreciate the time I give you because I don't like to leave my bed
  4. Summer
    Ok I have friends.... But they are all gone or busy or I am asleep when they want to do something. Sorry that sleep is a necessity and Greys makes me cry and when I cry I get tired. A bad cycle.
  5. Giphy
    Boys, take notes
  6. Giphy
    Apparently being in a sorority makes you a ho (stupid not logic) and going to parties makes you one (stupid boy logic) and being cute makes you one (stupid boy logic)
  7. Giphy
    A picture that describes what I need to do in order to put up with a lot of people and things. "Alcohol is not the solution!!" U might be right but damn it's delicious and it makes me feel sophisticated and charming so let me be
  8. Giphy
    Sorry not sorry. I have always put other people first and that has backfired a lot so now it's time to put myself first bitches
  9. Giphy
    I love people and I love conversations but I don't need to hear you talk about why Mac and cheese with bacon is better than Mac and cheese with lobster (it isn't FYI) for an hour
  10. Where is the love
    PSA TO BOYS: Maybe instead of being creepy u could... U know... Take a girl to a nice dinner or... Just not be weird. Maybe starts things off better. Just sayin.
  11. Giphy
    This is me when I'm looking at you, and you think I'm listening... But I'm not. I'm sorry. I have ADHD, my doctor told me so. So really u can't even be mad at me
  12. Giphy
    "I like cats more than dogs"