Summer is for NOT learning but I'm still LEARNING things what's HAPPENING
  1. Energy drink + nap = a BAD TIME
    You would think after the sixth scary dream, I would have learned. But, nope! Today I got off work, got an energy drink, took a nap, and woke up freaked out again! Go me!
  2. Boys r dumb
    Really is a description even necessary?
  3. I spend a lot of money
    And the thing I have learned is... I don't even know what I spend money on. It's just gone!
  4. Dancing is the cure to sadness
    I've felt down a lot more than usual in the last six months. I have learned dancing is the way to feel better! Dance away the pain, the calories, the creepy guys dancing by you... (Go away weird BIYS)
  5. You have to learn to love being alone
    Being dependent on someone is kinda cool, like free food, attention, etc! But being independent and fine with alone time? Even better! (Maybe all my money goes to food... Refer to future list about where my money goes)
  6. Shivani is the funniest person in the world
    I always knew this. It's just a lot more clear every time I see her!
  7. Coffee is AWESOME
    Up until summer began, I did not drink coffee! I had a bias against it and I don't even remember why. Now I NEED IT. I see why you people have been drinking it all along. I messed up by not drinking it
  8. Astrological signs are awesome
    They really tell you a lot about someone! Like.. Capricorns are scary. Makes sense. Also, Virgos over analyze everything and this is true I am over analyzing this list right now