1. My Family
    Family is very important to ME, not YOU, and Im not here to Instagram my Mom on Mothers Day, or Dad in Fathers Day. They could care less, and so could I. Its about being in the moment with your family.
  2. My girlfriend
    Every moment between myself and her is for only myself and her to see.
  3. Dick Pics
  4. Drugs or Alcohol
    I don't need to show how fucked up I can be to people unless they're with me also fucked up
  5. Netflix N Chill
    Orange is The New Black is for my eyes only
  6. Selfies
    Are Stupid
  7. Gym Pics
    Are Worse
  8. #TransformationTuesday
    Go Fuck Yourself
  9. #TBT
    Nobody Cares
  10. #WCW