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Who needs "health" anyways ?????
  1. ANYTHING from Chipotle
    Except for those burrito bowels because I'm unhealthy af
  2. Pei Wei
    I know it's super bad for you and not "real" Chinese food but that stuff tastes delicious. Plus who doesn't love free fortune cookies.
  3. Soft Pretzels
    Idek where this craving comes from or why
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" I have got to stop watching this much Netflix"I say as I click next episode
  1. Broad City
    This show is sooo groundbreaking and progressive literally everyone in the world should be watching this show rn
  2. Crazy Ex Girlfriend
    At first I wasn't sure about this show but it pulled me in with its hilarious songs and dark humor.
  3. The 100
    Watch your OTPs fall in love then scream in horror as one of them dies.
  4. Jane the Virgin
  1. Me and my mom took a trip to London England a few years ago.
  2. Everything was going great until we visited the Queens palace.
  3. I was carrying an empty soda bottle and couldn't find a trash can so my mom told me to just hold on to it.
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